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Using balance to purchase other AT&T products/services


Using balance to purchase other AT&T products/services

I currently have a $320 balance on my GoPhone account. This balance has grown over the years as I don't use my circa 2004 phone that much. I do need to get a better more current phone with WiFi data capability for work.


I would like to apply my current balance towards a new AT&T plan/phone. Is this something AT&T can work with me on?



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Re: Using balance to purchase other AT&T products/services

It's unlikely they would work with you to utilize the growing balance if you remain on a prepaid account - after all, it's in their best interest to have the free use of your money for an extended period of time. Smiley Wink


However if you'd be interested in converting to post paid service, you can do so; so long as you have them convert the existing phone number to a post paid account type, you'll receive credit for your prepaid account balance on your first post paid billing statement.  You do have to purchase a new device outright, so it won't help you there.  But depending on the rate plan and additional services you select, $320 could potentially pay for a good portion of a year in post paid service.


Visit your local Corporate store to make the transition to post paid service, and above all else - do not let them start a new line of service for you (with a new phone number).  Make certain they simply change your existing line of service/phone number to a post paid service account type.  (If they start a new line of service/phone number it will be nearly impossible to rectify things and receive the credit you are due. Smiley Sad )

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