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Using another line for an Iphone 4s upgrade


Using another line for an Iphone 4s upgrade

I have an HTC Aria that I want to upgrade to the iPhone 4s, but my line isn't eligible for an upgrade yet, however another line on my family plan is eligible for an upgrade.  Is there a way I could use that upgrade and then just use the iPhone with my phone.  I was told that if I use the other lines upgrade it will deactivate their sim when I try to activate the one that comes with the phone.  Neither of us want to have to change number so we are trying to find a way to do this without any problem.

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Re: Using another line for an Iphone 4s upgrade

The iPhone 4S requires a Mini (Micro-Sim) obtained through AT&T

and a Alternative data (Internet plan)


I think if your family member is willing to do allow youto use there upgrade then I would advise you both

go into store and chat with a AT&T rep to findout more Smiley Wink


Best of luck I hope you gain your shiny new handset Smiley Happy

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