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Using a Tilt in Chile

Using a Tilt in Chile

I'll be travelling to Chile next month, and was wondering what my best option was for using my Tilt there.


I know I can contact AT&T and tack on some sort of international plan that will cost me a fortune to use, but there has to be a better way. I've heard of people going to other countries and buying a SIM there to stick in their phone. How does that work? Is it hard to do? (I don't mean the physical act of swapping SIMs--I know that part's easy.) Will texting work if I do this?

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Re: Using a Tilt in Chile

Get your phone unlocked-ATT will probably give you the code for the very reason you're talking about.  You can get SIM from a variety of sources, or others, just search for "travel sim card" or something similiar.  Not sure if going the total ATT route would be worth it.
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Re: Using a Tilt in Chile

I didn't know if AT&T would give me a hard time about unlocking the phone or not. After all, my goal is to not use them as my provider while out of the country.


If I pick up a SIM in Chile, how will texting and data service work? Will that depend on the provider there? I'd like to be able to text back home to stay in touch, but not if it's going to cost a crazy price. I also have an AT&T data card for my laptop, and am wondering if I can swap the SIM I get in Chile between the phone and the data card.

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Re: Using a Tilt in Chile

AT&t provides unlock codes all the time for most devices with the exception of the iPhone..  If you are a current customer and you account is in good standing just call and ask for it.  If you purchase a local sim card voice and text messaging will work by just swapping the sim.  If you want to browse the web or do email you will need to reconfigure your phones internet settings according to the local providers requirements.  That really the only tricky part.
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