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Using WiFi Overseas


Using WiFi Overseas

I am going to China next week and purchased an iPhone so I could use the WiFi and not have to carry a laptop and when I called ATT to get a International text package they told me I would be charged  even when using the WiFi to access the web. I told her I did not see how that was possible so she checked with two supervisors and that is what they said also. I admit I am new to using my phone for something other than talking on but I do not see how ATT can even tell if I use the WiFi. Can someone please give me the facts before I leave next week.
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Re: Using WiFi Overseas

WIFI will not incur any charges from at&t.  Voice calls and text messages will.
iPhone Tips for International Roamers

When using your service outside the U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands (for either voice or data), international roaming rates apply.

How iPhone Users Can Minimize International Data Charges:
  • Utilize WiFi, available in many international hotels, airports, and restaurants to browse the web or check email.
  • Keep Data Roaming "OFF": Be sure to download the Version 1.1.1 upgrade to iPhone. This software update will enable the ability to turn on/off data roaming when traveling outside the U.S. By default, this setting will be in the "OFF" position. The path is: Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming.
  • Turn off your phone's "auto check" function, and check email manually when needed, using WiFi.
  • Reset the usage tracker to zero when you arrive overseas and monitor your data usage.
  • Consider purchasing an international service plan that includes discounted international data usage.  AT&T now offers two discount international data packages. The 20 MB package is $24.99; the 50 MB package is $59.99.  See for details and international roaming rates.
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Re: Using WiFi Overseas

You might want to pick up a cheap travel router as well.  A travel router can be plugged into an ethernet cable and gives you a wifi signal.  Here is a link to one unit.  There are many out there and while the price is competitive, you can probably beat it with ten minutes work on the net:
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