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Using Iphone on different carriers


Using Iphone on different carriers

Hi All,


I purchased a no Plan Iphone thinking that I can use it when I go back home to Romania. They told me that is an unlocked phone that just needs a sim card to work. For my surprise when I arrived home I placed my home sim card in the phone and it did not work. Can any of you tell me how can i go about contacting either apple or at&t to give me the unlock code for my Iphone. I can't seem to find an email address for any of these companies. No email for customer service i mean... 




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Re: Using Iphone on different carriers

Unfortunately for you US iPhones are locked to the carrier, in this case AT&T, and neither AT&T nor Apple will provide you the unlock code. If you do a search in the forum you'll see that this question has been asked hundreds of times.


I recommend you to sell that phone and buy another one that can be unlocked or works with the carrier you have in Rumania.


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Re: Using Iphone on different carriers

I am trying to find an email address where I can write to ATT customer service to try to reason to them that I'm not a US citizen. When I went and i bought the Iphone the apple store representative told me that i will be able to use it in my home country, this is why i bought it. Maybe he misunderstud my question when i asked him if the phone is unlocked, maybe he was trying to make more sales, i do not know but i'm just trying to get intouch with att or apple by email so i can reason with them. Maybe someone from there will understand my situation and will offer me somekind of solution...

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Re: Using Iphone on different carriers

Here's an AT&T Corporate e-mail address that you can use to voice the problem you are having with your iPhone:


Ultimately, you cannot use an unlocked iPhone in any part of the country other than the U.S. It just will not work correctly. You may be able to use FaceTime for phone calls/Textfree for messaging. Safari already is your source for the Internet; all you would need is Wi-Fi to access those main features.


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