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Used MicroCell - can't activate


Used MicroCell - can't activate


AT&T cell phones get No Service in, near, or around my apartment building. Well, then again, the entire area has shoddy AT&T coverage.


Many months ago, I picked up a used MicroCell from work. I work at a place where we take old computer stuff and electronics (like e-waste and stuff, except most of it works lol), and somebody brought in a MicroCell... I was like OMG this is great, got it for very cheap, took it home, and tried to activate it.

But whenever I try to activate it I get an error message on their website, because it looks like the previous owner never removed the MicroCell from their account.


So after many tech support calls, and being told that it was useless and I had to buy a new one (why do I have to buy this overpriced thing to fix AT&T's junky cell network using MY internet bandwidth?), I gave up for a while...


One time during one of the phone calls with at&t they said to pick up a refurbushied microcell for $50 at the local AT&T store; the people at the store said they never sell used/refurbished MicroCells.


So now, as I use my cell phone increasingly for personal and business reasons I need coverage, and it seems the microcell could do this for me.


However, how do I remove it from the previous owners' account?

No doubt they dtitched AT&T for crappy customer service, that's why they got rid of the microcell.


My DSL connection is terrible, the cell service is terrble, and customer service is so far polite but useless and each representative says something different.


It's annoying and I'm ready to ditch AT&T if I can't get this MicroCell working.

If I can't, I'll go Comcast for my internet and Verizon for my cell; I'll never look back...

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Re: Used MicroCell - can't activate

If the previous owner of the Microcell did not un-register it, there is no way for you to use it,


Sounds like you have the solution in your last paragraph. Find another provider.


But before you sign a contract, buy  a cheap pay as you go (non contract) phone and use it in the area you frequent. You may find that Verizon does not offer the best service and you may find Sprint or T Mobile does.

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Re: Used MicroCell - can't activate

I agree with the poster above. However, if your DSL connection is as terrible as you say it is, then the MicroCell probably wouldn't have worked well anyway.

MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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Re: Used MicroCell - can't activate

you will probably need to pick up another microcell.  But remeber, the microcell has a limited range, so it will only give you service in your home.  Just outside your home, you will lose service, so don't think this will not cure all your problems.  Also, you say your DSL is not very good, so that may be another problem you will have with microcells.  You may want to check into other carriers.

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