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Use of wifi with prepaid AT&T cellular account


Use of wifi with prepaid AT&T cellular account

I am considering opening the cellular account on my AT&T 3G-enabled iPad. I understand that when I do this I will have access to AT&T wifi hotspots, but I am unclear whether my data usage at these hotspots is counted as part of my 2GB monthly subscription. Similarly, when I am at home and in range of my personal wireless hub (which is subscribed through Verizon, not AT&T) will my data usage default to the wifi hub or to the cellular plan, and therefore will it also count against my 2GB subscription. Obviously I would expect to use my home network without using up my data allocation in this way. Thank you for any guidance here.
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Re: Use of wifi with prepaid AT&T cellular account

I was curious too.

Last week I was at a McDonalds with my 3G Ipad.

I noted the usage in Settings->General->Usage and also in and they matched.
I turned off 3G.

The iPad detected and connected to the McDonalds Hot-Spot after I selected it from the list the iPad gave me.

After using it for 15 minutes I left.

Before enabling 3G about an hour later I checked the iPad's Usage  and ipadlanding numbers and neither had changed.

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Re: Use of wifi with prepaid AT&T cellular account

Good field test, schmidtj -- thanks for the insight! I will try turning off 3G at wifi hotspots and see how it goes. 


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