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Usage tracking


Usage tracking

Is there software available that allows us to track what our children are doing with their iPhones - read text messages, see photos taken and received - without performing the jailbreak?


Thank you.

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Re: Usage tracking

I advise you to susbribe to smart limits to limits sms usage and data usages and time of they can use the phone or put purchase blocker on their phones. if you're really worried. Just stop them from using the phone Smiley Happy
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Re: Usage tracking

You can also set the parental controls on the iPHone to limit the types of content they can see.  This is good even if you trust your kids otherwise.




Just use a code that they do not know.


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Re: Usage tracking

Can u set parental controls to prevent them to looking at "inappropriate" websites on the iPhone? My son has the Infuse, and I tried to prevent him from looking at such sites by using Smart Limits, but it looks like That can't be done. ?
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Re: Usage tracking

I probably should have posted a new thread about this. Sorry. I was just thinking if it CAN be done on the iPhone, I'd gladly add a line and give him the iPhone.
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