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Upgrading to an Elevate from 2372


Upgrading to an Elevate from 2372

The PDF for the Elevate User Guide shows the following network connection types: 4G, 4G(LTE), E, and G.  Do these classifications encompass all the connection types supported by a 2372 Mobile Hotspot?

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Re: Upgrading to an Elevate from 2372

What I'm really trying to get at here is:


If I have a 2372 installed, and upgrade to an Elevate, will my lashup still work?  We live in a remote location, but I manage to get acceptable levels of 2372 performance from a tower 6-8 miles away, using an external antenna and repeater at the house. (I have no idea what modes/technologies are supported by ATT from that tower - is there a way of finding that out?  The 2372 indicates an Internet connection using HSUPA technology - does that mean that's all that's offered by the tower? Or all that's offered by the 2372? Neither?  Both?)



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