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Upgrade usage- help


Upgrade usage- help

I have two lines on my account, lines A and B


Line A is eligible for an upgrade, and B will not be eligible for an upgrade until June. However, I have been told that I can use line A's upgrade to get a phone, and activate line B on the new phone instead of line A, and that I will still be eligible for line B's discount in June, at which point I can use that to upgrade line A


Has anyone done this and were they successful. We want to upgrade both lines this year and would be screwed if we lose line B's upgrade

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Re: Upgrade usage- help

Yes, you can do this. I've done it myself with two of the lines on my account.

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Re: Upgrade usage- help

Yups! It's possible to do this. They pretty much upgrade line A, and switch the new device to line B. I've done this with my Mom's upgrade, and it's a fairly easy process. Smiley Happy
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