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Upgrade swap, can it be done?


Upgrade swap, can it be done?

Yesterday when the iPhone 4s was announced my cousin looked over at me and knowing the fanboy that i am and said " if you get the new one i get your iphone 4". I knew then i was not eligable for an upgrade, however she is, i was wondering if she preordered the iphone 4s and i paid for it when it comes will we be able to swap sims and go on our merry way? We both have seperate family plans but whats to stop so,eone from doing a sim switch? Will it work? I want the 4s and if shes willing to let me use her upgrade id give her my iphone 4 but i wanted to know if it was possible.
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Re: Upgrade swap, can it be done?

Yes you can do that, your cousins line will be under a new 2 year contract though. If they need an upgrade sooner you may need to return the favor. Just call ATT to ensure they phones are properly listed on each plan.

For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
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Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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