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Upgrade question of course


Upgrade question of course

Is Apple the only place you are going to be able to preorder from?  Will you be able to pre-order from att and pick it up at the store on day of release?

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Re: Upgrade question of course

Preorders can be done on, (both beginning at 12:01am), AT&T Stores (at store open time, check using store locator tool), Apple Stores (check store open time at store locator tool), and through customer service (both sales, and normal customer service). Preorders start on 10/07, and I recommend to pre order early in the morning, as it will be a first come first serve basis.

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Re: Upgrade question of course

I'm going to be upgrading from the 3G model to the 4S and I currently have an unlimited data plan.  I've read that when going from smartphone to smartphone ATT will let me keep my unlimited data plan.  Is this remain true for this model?  Also will it be a option on the online ordering at and or is this something I will have to do in store or on the phone in order to keep my unlimited data plan??  Thanks!

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Re: Upgrade question of course

I'm in the same boat (going from 3G with unlimited data x2 to 4S x2). I've seen some info saying the unlimited data WILL carry over for grandfathered folks, and some saying it's still undetermined what AT&T will do.

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