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Upgrade in 2013??


Upgrade in 2013??

I changed from Verizon to AT&T in Nov, 2011. When I changed, I purchased the Samsung Skyrocket, but was unsatisfied with it. I purchased the Samsung i9100 international version off ebay and put the sim card within the skyrocket into the i9100. I returned the original skyrocket to AT&T far within the 30 day limit. I didnt really check my account till now, but when I did, why in the world does it say that my next upgrade eligibility is in 2013 when I never even used the upgrade? My account also shows the original skyrocket as the phone instead of the i9100.
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Re: Upgrade in 2013??

I'm guessing that they counted the original purchase of the Skyrocket as an upgrade, even though you returned it. Sounds fishy.
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Re: Upgrade in 2013??

Did you return the skyrocket to an att authorized retailer or a corporate store? I'd go there and dispute it with a manager.

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Re: Upgrade in 2013??

Emailed ATT, got a reply saying it was fixed, but doesnt show on my online account. Hopefully its just the fact that it takes some time till its updated. Changed to ATT after +10 year of being in Verizon due to the increasing cost, but this customer service is starting to disappoint me. Bills charged for an extra 3 lines for the number that came with iphone before I transferred number, 25 dollar on bill that seemed for nothing, problems with transferring number, and now this. Makes me wonder if its worth staying at ATT for a lower cost.
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Re: Upgrade in 2013??

Fantastic, now they claim that they cant change it.


Thank you for contacting AT&T about you upgrade date. I apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused. My name is XXXXX and I will be happy to assist you with your inquiry. after reviewing our records I see that due to the fact that you had a recent activation I am unable to reset your upgrade date. I have submitted a case to have this issue resolved, you can expect a resolution by 01/13/12 your case number is XXXXX


What an excuse, what recent activation? I purchased a phone for full price and returned the skyrocket. This is ridiculous for customer service. Will definitely leave AT&T once my family contract ends. Id rather pay +80 dollars at Verizon instead of having to deal with this kind of customer service.

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