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Upgrade from Captivate to Galaxy S II


Upgrade from Captivate to Galaxy S II



I am just curious if ATT will allow early upgrades from Captivate to Galaxy S II, just like they did for iPhone users..


I purchased my Captivate the day it was released, and when I check my upgrade options I am not eligible until December...


I noticed Verizon is offering early upgrades, was hoping ATT would offer the same..


Any idea? or official word?



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Re: Upgrade from Captivate to Galaxy S II

Early upgrade fee for smartphone is now $200 + the new phone cost. iPhone early upgrade deal is due to Apple, not AT&T.


If you're elighable for upgrade in Dec., I'd suggest you wait a few more months. Not only you will avoid all the hardware bugs in early builds (there are always hardware bugs even if SGS2 has been released elsewhere for months) and the fact by Dec., you can probably pick one up for $0.01 from places like Amazon.

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Re: Upgrade from Captivate to Galaxy S II

Thanks for the response...


Guess by the time I am eligible to upgrade, we may have the Nexus Prime available too.... 


Thanks again



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Re: Upgrade from Captivate to Galaxy S II

Mark from what I've heard the Galaxy S2 will be released by the end of the month to att customers and Nexus prime will be a Verizon only phone..
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