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Upgrade Question PLEASE HELP!!!


Upgrade Question PLEASE HELP!!!

Ok so myself, my wife, and my mother are all on a family mother has an old flip phone and is eligible for an upgrade and does not want to use it and said I could use it if I wanted...I, myself like my phone and don't need to use it but my question here is there a way to get a phone for the upgrade pricing (say the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket), add the data on my mothers line, activate the phone for a few and then cancel the data and have my mother go back to her old flip phone and turn around and sell the Skyrocket to a friend of mine?? In othere words how do i go about this scenario?

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Re: Upgrade Question PLEASE HELP!!!

wingrider01 wrote:

La-La wrote:

I've bought smartphones online from AT&T and then used it on a different line.  Never had issue dropping the data plan from the line that ordered the phone after putting a dumbphone back on that line.  No charge-back of any "instant rebate" or anything. 

Correct, but if it is purchased from a franschise - like wally world, best buy, target, amazon they can have their own requirements and buyer's remorse durations that can conflict with using it on a different number - some of them can be hefty financial penalties, if you don;t get it through ATT make sure that you check the additional requirements of the purchase

Absolutely!  Always read the fine print. 

I was responding specifically to your previous comment that you hadn't bought online from AT&T. 

Probably should have quoted, to avoid any confusion. 

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