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Upgrade Pains


Upgrade Pains

My husband is trying to upgrade his iPhone 3G to an HTC Inspire 4G for $0.01 (plus the $36 fee on the next billing cycle). I've gone through all the steps (switching his unlimited iPhone data for $30 to the Personal Smartphone unlimited data for $30) and I am at the step where I enter my credit/debit card info to be charged $0.01 for the phone so it can be shipped and we can get everything done. However, it keeps telling me that my debit card info is invalid. I'm 100% certain I have more than the $0.01 it's wanting to charge me in my account--I mean, come on, it's one dang penny.


Is there something I'm missing? Instead of charging me $0.01 is it trying to charge me $36.01 for the upgrade fee that SHOULD be on the next billing cycle and not my card? Do I need to purchase more than $0.01 or what?


And, of course, Sunday being the only day that my husband and I are able to do this, I can't get ahold of live chat. If I call them over the phone, they can do it, but I doubt they'll have the online special of an HTC Inspire 4G for only $0.01.


Any help understanding just what is going on here?

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Re: Upgrade Pains

Their pre-cert process on the charge cardrd may be trying to put through a dollar or the full cost of the phone? Once the charge settles, it will be .01 but you have to have enogh credit for the hold.

For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

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