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Upgrade Eligibility Joke


Upgrade Eligibility Joke

I figured I would share this because its kinda funny. 

A month ago, I upgraded my plan, going from a $50 MRC to a $150 MRC

Yesterday, ATT announces that all people who have an upgrade date in 2010 will be updated to June 24th. 

Today, my new bill comes out and because of the new MRC my date gets changed from 2/21/11 to 11/21/10 lol


Talk about messed up timing heheheh Smiley Happy


Anyhow...just though it was funny heheh

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Re: Upgrade Eligibility Joke

Also remember its not all users its just users who have iPhones on their line that got the early upgrade.

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Re: Upgrade Eligibility Joke

It is an iphone 3GS Smiley Happy

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Re: Upgrade Eligibility Joke

Ok then ya thats just bad timing Smiley Tongue

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