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Update IMEI


Update IMEI

I just replaced a Blackberry Bold with an AT&T refurbished unit. AT&T rep told me i need to update the IMEI number on the AT&T website. I put the old SIM card in the new phone and everything works fine, that i can tell. Any need to update the IMEI, and if so, where do you do this?

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Re: Update IMEI

If its the same type of phone (blackberry) then it doesn't matter, but if a different brand then you should so the available features show correctly on the account.


But you can't update it yourself.  You would need to call ATT to have them update it.

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Re: Update IMEI

It does matter as if you have issues. you want AT&T to have the correct IMEI. You also need to make sure others have your new PIN as PINS are associated with the specific IMEI.
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