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Upcoming AT&T phones?

Upcoming AT&T phones?

I've gathered through forums and such that AT&T is very good about not leaking info on new phones coming to their stores.  But does anyone know of or know how to get any idea on new phones?  Especially any Sony Ericsson phones?

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Re: Upcoming AT&T phones?

You can try for information.  They do have a page of upcoming phones for all main companies.  Just click on ATT on the left side, then go to upcoming when the page of current phones loads.  Some of those phones have been on the list a long time, however.  I wonder if they will ever be released.  Not sure if any of them were Sony Ericsson phones, but it might be worth a look. 

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Re: Upcoming AT&T phones?

Update on phonearena.  Today I noticed that there has been a change on the page with upcoming phones.  Over half of the phones that were there last week are no longer listed.  Perhaps the missing phones are never going to be released by AT&T.  Of the phones now listed, all but one are smartphones.

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Re: Upcoming AT&T phones?

Thanks so much for the information!  I will definitely scour that website.

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Re: Upcoming AT&T phones?

I hope ATT gets the SE Xperia x10! that is one powerful android phone.

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