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Unusual MediaNet Volumes


Unusual MediaNet Volumes

We have a 200MB plan for my wife's phone and we've never come close.  This past month we went over the limit so I called AT&T to find out why.  They do not have the ability call up any history of what causing the large MediaNet usage!  We can see that there are three particular times when there was a huge volume of data exchange (downloads of some srot I assume).  There was a 42MB, 60MB, and 47MB download but two of these occurred at 2:30 am or 3:30 am.  I know that the phone was not in use at this time.  When I spoke to the AT&T rep she said that her supervisor stated that every night the phone communicates with AT&T and may download updates.  This can't be right.  That would mean that, of the 200MB plan, approximately 147MB was for AT&T updates - and they go against my data plan!!

Anybody else have a similar situation?  What did you do to figure out what's causing the massive download?

Thanks in advance.

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Media Net Usage is Untrackable

I have had the same experience as the other posters on this thread.  The wee-hours slug of data usage happens whether I am at home on wi-fi or on the go and using the phone, and I have had the charges when I was out-of coverage and had the phone turned off.  I don't mind paying for what I use but it needs to be traceable to my usage, not just random numbers AT&T generates.  I can see they have a problem because they can't tell us where these data usage numbers come from it.  Telling the customer "trust us" does not cut it.


I like the poster who was told by customer service "computers don't make mistakes"?  True enough, they'll do as programed, even if the program is wrong.  "Trust us"!


Oddly, my data usage profile jumped up a 100mb a month when I switched off the old unlimited plan (mistake).  I use the phone about the same as when I had the old plan, but since I switched to the 200mb plan, I have blown through it every month.


Unfortunately, all an individual customer can do is yell at some poor cutomer rep on the phone, pay, or upgrade plans (and pay).  It's not like we are going to all walk away from our contracts.  [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].



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