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Unsatisfactory service and deception


Unsatisfactory service and deception

I am writing to apprise you of my total dissatisfactory service from AT&T U-verse and I hope you see fit to rectify the situation.

When I inquired and signed up with U-verse in February, I was told that “there would always be offers to insure that I could maintain the introductory rate.”  If I had have been told about the trouble, lies and increased rates I would encounter, I would have never signed up with AT&T.  I was advised to call the company just before it was time for my introductory rates to expire to continue with similar rates.  When my initial introductory rate was due to expire, I did just that.  After speaking to multiple people and thirty minutes later, I was a given a rate that was still more than my introductory rate.  One month later, I get my bill and it has again increased.

I called the company on October 27th.  To begin with, I was on the phone for seventeen (17) minutes with “Lolita” who never could find my account even though I gave her all of my information including my account number.  She finally transferred me to someone else who promptly found my account.  She said my new “discounted rate” was expiring (after one month!) and further that next month, my bill would be $6.00 higher and in a few months, it would be higher again!  I told her what I had been told when I signed up and how unhappy I was.

She transferred me to someone else and this was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back!”  This man was totally unprofessional and rude!  He wouldn’t let me finish one sentence and was very rude.  I don’t know how many times I tried to talk and he interrupted me.  I am not sure, from that point, what happened if he hung up on me or put me on hold or what, but he was gone.  What I did get from his conversation was that there was nothing he would do and he did not care if I was a customer or not.  

From reading the community support posts, I see that this type of service frequently happens.  That is very unfortunate.  I do not want to switch from AT&T U-verse, but I cannot/will not pay this high rate for television services and/or deal with the deception.   If I cannot obtain rates similar to that of those when I signed up, then I will leave AT&T immediately.

Please advise at your earliest opportunity at to your intentions regarding this matter.

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Re: Unsatisfactory service and deception

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