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Unlocking my device !!


Unlocking my device !!

I took a new connection in March. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note. I will be travelling to India very soon for 2-3 months, i want to use my Note in India till that time. I know it is locked to ATT, i would like to know if it can be unlocked by ATT so that as long as i am in India, i can use the same phone and when i am back to US, i can keep the same number.


Please let me know if it is possible that my phone will be unlocked which can be used outside US on anyother GSM carrier.



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Re: Unlocking my device !!

AT&T's policy is not to give SIM unlock codes for exclusive phones for a period of 10 months after the phone's release.  As the Note was just released in February 2012, this isn't going to happen for a while.


Your best bet is to use a paid unlocking service. You can find some on eBay and other places online for around $25 (and maybe cheaper).


According to the following website, the bands used for voice & EDGE in India are 900 and 1800 MHz, and 3G is 2100 MHz.  The Note is compatible with these, so it should work in India. Don't know the LTE situation in India, but I'm guessing the Note won't work there on LTE.

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Re: Unlocking my device !!

Thanks for the info.


But, if i use those paid unlocking services and unlock my phone, it will break the warranty with ATT, the phone is still very new and so if anything happens to the phone, I wont be able to take it to ATT to get it repaired under warranty.


So ,i have to wait till next Feb 2013, to get my phone unlocked in an authorized way.



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Re: Unlocking my device !!

The SIM unlock shouldn't void the warranty.  It doesn't require the phone to be modified to enter the unlock code.

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Re: Unlocking my device !!

Yeah, I've never heard of paid unlock codes voiding the warranty.  Where did you hear of this?


I don't think there is even a way for them to check if the phone is SIM unlocked or not, if you return for warranty.  Aside from them sliding a different carrier's SIM into the phone, which they are likely not going to do.

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