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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900


Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900


since I am currently living in the US but I will move really soon to Europe, I would like to know two things recarding the new Nokia Lumia 900:


1) I would like to buy an unlocked no-contract version of the phone (so that I can use it with different carriers). Are they available or will they become available soon? What about the no-contract phone they sold in AT&T shops: is that versione unlocked?


2) Does the new Nokia Lumia work with the European frequencies? I don't care about LTE, which is still not present in most of european countries, but I mainly care about HDSPA and 3G. I don't want to use this super phone in Edge.


Thanks for the answers..

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Re: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900

1) I haven't seen an unlocked version yet.  Expansys and Negri Electronics have them for pre-order.  In the US, no contract only means no contract.  The phone is still locked to the carrier that is selling it.


2) The Nokia Lumia will work in any country that uses the 850/1900 bands for UMTS.  From my understanding that's most, if not all, of Europe.

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Re: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900

Hi 21stNow,

and thanks for the answer.


Expansys has it but the price is crazy.. I think a great price for the unlocked Lumia would be max 450$.

I will wait for some days and see what happens.. I still have 1 month before I move back to Europe.


If anyone finds something interesting let me know!



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Re: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900

Hi thenomadsoul, How much was that "crazy" price? Im planning to buy unlocked one on eBay for around 700 USD.. Can i get it with a better price?
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