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Unlock w580i


Unlock w580i

I've been wondering how do you unlock a w580i?

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Re: Unlock w580i

Well I am not sure I would consider a w580 worth the trouble to unlock but there are a few options.


First, presuming you have an active AT&T account and it is an AT&T issued phone, call up and ask for the sim unlock code.  Seems like that is what I did when my sister sent me her W580i.


Second, you should be able to find an unlock vendor, say on ebay.  I did that for a C905 and the cost was a buck or two or maybe three.  It was so cheap that I figured it was worth it to not have to haggle.


Good luck!

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Re: Unlock w580i

Ya this can be easily unlocked via codes. [3rd party link removed per Guidelines]

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Re: Unlock w580i

hi codes are the best method to unlock your sony ericsson w580i mobile .to purchase
the codes visit here {commercial link removed} here they ask the imei number of the mobile .finally they will
send you the codes to unlock your mobile along with the instruction about how to use the codes in your mobile.

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