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Unlock iPhone on GoPhone


Unlock iPhone on GoPhone

can someone please tell me how i can unlock my iPhone 4 on prepaid

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Re: Unlock iPhone on GoPhone

You cant unlock an iphone.  You need to buy it already unlocked.  You can buy unlocked phones directly from apple or Google  unlocking iphone there maybe some thirdparty softwares im not aware that can do it.

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Re: Unlock iPhone on GoPhone

How long have you been using gophone?


Do you kow that the Gophone sim card will locked to the phone you have for at least 6 months for the first time you activated?


You can't take the sim card out and use it on another phone unless you request. Also I heard that AT&T don't like you to use Gophone on Iphone.


So even I have an Gophone account, I won't use it to ask AT&T to unlock my iphone.

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Re: Unlock iPhone on GoPhone

At&t is now allowing the unlocking out of contract iphones

you do need to meet certain conditions though

as long as your gophone simcard is past its 6month use it will work in any at&t phone however att does not support the use of a gophone sim in an iphone they wont help you if they know you have it in a gophone and your data wont work either iphones use a differnt data network than the gophone setup has

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Re: Unlock iPhone on GoPhone

Anyone telling you that your sim card will be locked to one phone or that you cant unlock an iphone are wrong. I have an iphone 4 with gophone plan and in the past 3 months i have switched my sim card with 3 different phones(not iphones).

The only other way to unlock your phone is with a jailbreak (yes its legal now). That is if you dont mind losing your warrenty.

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