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Unlock Code for HTC Aria


Unlock Code for HTC Aria

Hello all,

  Looking to contact the unlocking dept for an unlock for the HTC Aria. Traveling to Hong Kong, and need to use a sim there.  Would like to have an AT&T rep email or PM me so I can give them my IMEI.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Unlock Code for HTC Aria

ATT service reps don't really monitor this forum.  Its mainly for users to help each other.  You can call customer service (611 on your ATT phone) and tell them your situation (travelling abroad) and see if they give you the SIM unlock code.


However, there was a court ruling last year that said ATT did not have to give the unlock code for any "exclusive" phones for a period of 10 months after the phone's release.  Since the Aria was released on June 20, 2010; the 10 months won't be up next month.  So ATT probaby won't give you the code (but it never hurts to ask).  You might have to resort to paid unlock services, easily found by Googling around or on eBay.  Try to find a reputable one, like an eBay vendor with a good rating.



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Re: Unlock Code for HTC Aria

Thank you!  You were spot on. Called and "no further information" on it.  Gonna try again in a month, as you stated, since my trip is later this summer. Really dont feel like paying $20-30 on ebay.

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Re: Unlock Code for HTC Aria

You can try to get the unlock code for your Aria at since they will give you the code very quickly within few hours. You needn't wait very long for the code.

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Re: Unlock Code for HTC Aria

The best way to unlock HTC Aria is to buy unlock codes from a trusted vendor.

Search the internet for mobile phone unlocking websites. You will come across a thousand websites which can do this. Choose which ever you like. Do look for price comparisons and the unlocking instructions. Recheck the Model number- Network to which your phone is locked to and the IMEI number before placing an order. If you made any mistakes in these details these people will never give you a refund!!One more thing, before placing an order ask them about the conditions for getting a full refund in the case of a code failure! Think and make a wise decision.

I have personally bought the unlock code for my HTC Wildfire S from It is because they have good reviews on most of the mobile phone forums. I got my phone unlocked successfully from that website. 

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