Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans


Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

It looks like the Smartphone data (not just the current $30 unlimited) plans being released released on the 7th and afterwards will include unlimited access at no additional charge to more than 20,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots in the U.S.


So if you have a Smartphone with WiFi capabilities, you can hop on over to View hotspot locations near you.




Unlimited Wi-Fi included in all plans 
Virtually all AT&T smartphones come with Wi-Fi technology embedded inside. Wi-Fi generally provides consistently fast speeds and can be used in the home, at the office, or elsewhere when available without counting against your monthly data usage total. We also offer unlimited usage at more than 20,000 AT&T Hot Spots at no additional charge to smartphone, netbook and laptop customers with qualifying data plans.

Learn more about Wi-Fi at att.com/wifiaccess.

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

So most people can go from the 30 to the 15 for emergancy useage and use the wifi for the rest of the time.

i think this might save them some customers from having to pay 30 bucks a month for a data plan.

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

It can if they frequently use places that have ATT WiFi Hotspots.  If they're never in places that offer it then it doesn't help any.


For me I don't use much cellular data.  Between my home WiFi, ATT Hotspots and free WiFi at a lot of restaurants/stores I go to it seems I rarely use data.


Everyones usage is different.  But this is there to help if available.

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

Just want to make sure I would be included with my new Aria and the smartphone plan. Right now I have the 2 gb plan, but am considering downgrading to the 200 mb plan if I don't use much. I connected to a attwifi with no problem, but when I got the notification about the auto connection to attwifi networks it sounded like there would be a charge under terms and conditions. Is the charge included in the smart phone plan?

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

well, my monthy statement just renewed and woke up to 95 mb already used up. Just a reminder, after I called in to ATT, you must disconnect the mobile network if you have Wi-Fi access otherwise it will override the wifi connection. seems there should be an internal switch to take care of something so simple-or at least a wiget.

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

As I posted in another forum:

I don't understand 2 things (or maybe more):

1)  I have AT&T DSL Internet.  Why can I take my laptop to a hotspot and get free Wi-Fi (like everyone else who goes there), but when I take my smartphone I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi without a data plan? (I currently have pay per use data and I just don't use data - no need for me)

2)  Why doesn't AT&T make it clear in all their publications (like AT&T Internet modem manual).  And, in their online Wi-Fi tutorials that a data plan is even required?  All they say is that you can connect and that it doesn't take from your data plan.  It does not say that a data plan is required to be "free" Wi-Fi.  And, now that I think of it, if you have "pay per use", why am I getting charged for Wi-Fi that is supposed to be free?

Does anyone else se my point?

Isn’t this the same as saying that you can have something for free as long as you pay for it?

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

Is this still true?  If so, why won't AT&T tell me so?




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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

ATT has told me that you CANNOT use your wifi at home without consuming your data plan UNLESS it's a block within one of the hotspots. We have 3 hotspots within a half mile of our home, but are too far to be able to use it from our home. We have wifi all throughout the house and we tap on our connection on the phone, but it still charges our data plan.

Of course, when we got the phone and signed on for another two years, the salesman told us we could access our home wifi without consumption to our data plan. Now a month later we find out the truth. If anyone knows a way around this, I would love to hear it.  I wanted a smartphone too but with having to have these individual data plans (which I understand) just wish they would've kept the family plan in as a choice.

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

I recently made the plunge to a Samsung Captivate (smartphone) and am glad I did, I'm lov'n it.  I'm usually on wifi at home or work and it automatically turns off my data usage and uses wifi. (except MMS messaging must have data packets on) When I leave the house or work, I turn off wifi to save battery and turn off data packets and I easily manage my 200 MB plan. Although I'd use it more if data weren't so expensive, but phone calls and texting are still available.

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Re: Unlimited WiFi included in all Smartphone plans

Turn your phone onto "airplane" mode,then log into wifi. Turns off the data portion of your phone,as well as the mobile network. You can continue to use data,maybe even use skype if you have that app.
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