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Unknown Icon on home screen


Unknown Icon on home screen

There is an icon on my home screen that is not in the user guide for the phone.  it looks like right facing U-turn arrow.  Anyone have any idea what this is?

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Re: Unknown Icon on home screen

talked with at&t today then was conferenced with lg. Turns out this is the icon for call forwarding although i never made any changes to that. simply use the master reset and icon goes away. hope this helps. you will not now lose any contacts or files it simply resets phone to default settings
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Re: Unknown Icon on home screen

Neither post mentions which "LG" phone they are talking about. Also, since when, will a 'master reset,' NOT delete

added personal data/information? If you reset a phone to 'default settings,' that implies just out of the original box.

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Re: Unknown Icon on home screen

the phone is the neon ii and the master reset will not delete files only the master clear

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