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Unexplained Media Net usage


Unexplained Media Net usage

Hi- I've worked easily within the 200mb plan, until Feb3, first day of new month for me, when the bill shows I used and incredible 358 megabytes. The online records say it was data SENT from the phone, big packets saying Internet/ MEdia Net sent.

I did nothing different that day than any other, was on wifi most of the day, and sent just a few texts from the phone.

ATT stonewalled, clueless. Since then I've been using a mb a day....but tomorrow, who knows?

I know this is not the first string about this, but weird, all in one day. 4.2.1 update; and I didn't get the over limit warning until after going 150 mb into my "penalty" plan.

Please advise. 

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Re: Unexplained Media Net usage


Guy Libido wrote:

The online records say it was data SENT from the phone, big packets saying Internet/ MEdia Net sent. 


All Internet usage will be reported as SENT no matter which direction.


Without seeing your device, what you have installed, how your using it, it would all be but a guess as to how your data is being utilized.  Since you mention is was all after an update and the usage as gone back to normal all I can say is keep monitoring it.


Have you been reseting your usage counter at the beginning of each month on your phone to use a s comparison?

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Re: Unexplained Media Net usage

Hello, I am not a frequent user of this forum, but I am trying to figure out why my plan is running over 200m.  I see some large sents and I can't relate it to anything I sent.  Further, I see large sent on dates I know I didn't have coverage.  How can I find out what I am "sending"?  No emails, no texts, I think I only turned the phone on to see if I had coverage and then turned it back off when I saw the "no service" coverage, and yet I sent a big wad of something.  Curious.



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And the explanation is: "take our word"

Probably some things most on this forum already knew, but came as a surprise to me.  Some sort of system collects my data usage and then posts it as a lump sum once a day, usually in the wee hours.  So, even though my phone was turned off and out of coverage, there was still some usage from that morning that posted in the middle of the night.


So, that sort of explains the charge that appeared to me to be phantom.  However, the batch posting of usage bothers me because I can't really see the detail.  I guess I could monitor my data usage through tracking with the settings, but that seems like a bit of work, not why you bought an iphone. 


AT&T seems to be saying, trust us.  But how can a user know how much data they are using?  No detail and a daily lump sum.  Trusting is fine, but every once in a while I like to verify.  Are there simple ways to verify?



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