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Unblock instruction Galaxy s2


Unblock instruction Galaxy s2

I have a new S2.  In Feb. I plan to travel overseas and want to use the phone with a sim card I will obtain from a local carrier in the Philippines.  On I was able to receive the PUK code with the instructions I have included below.  Where do I enter the 8 digit code per the instructions?  Thanks, Michael


How to Unblock your SIM Card

You'll need your phone in hand to unblock your SIM Card.

  1. First, enter the 8-digit PUK code, then press OK/Yes.
    Note: Some Motorola phone users will need to enter **05* if "enter PUK" is not already displayed. After entering **05*, then enter the 8-digit PUK code and press OK.
  2. Select a new PIN code, then press OK/Yes.
  3. Re-enter the PIN code, then press OK/Yes.
  4. If the codes were entered successfully, the phone is ready for use.
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Re: Unblock instruction Galaxy s2

Puk code has nothing to do with Sim unlock you are looking for. For that, you will have to call customer service. Unless you paid your GS2 for full unsubsidized retail price, you won't get any unlock code until 8 to 9 months later.
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