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Unblock caller number?


Unblock caller number?

I do not have AT&T Smart Limits Controls, but I have recently received a call that went to voice mail. In the recent list the call was listed as "Blocked". I have searched with nothing found on how to unblock this number. Everything points to Smart Limits. How can I un block this number?

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Re: Unblock caller number?

Never mind I know what the problem is.
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Re: Unblock caller number?

Since you know what the problem is--could you share?


I've got one number that is blocked.  It is my workplace.  Not sure how I blocked it, but I want to undo it.


Did you discover how?  If you did please share.



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Re: Unblock caller number?

What you have to do is go into settings. Then go into calls. Then general. Then auto reject. Then scroll through the numbers until you find the one you want to reject. What this helps

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