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I am normally a very patient person, and I don't like to complain, but this iPhone ordering experience has really been disappointing.  I ordered by phone on Saturday morning in order to assure that my texting plan and unlimited data plans would be grandfathered in.  I was not alarmed by the lack of confirmation email or lack of confirmation on the website initially as I knew they were working with a barrage of orders.


So I called late Saturday and once a day thereafter to see what was going on.  Each rep assured me that my order was in the system and just told me to be patient.  Also, when I called, the system said it was aware I'd ordered a new device and asked if I'd like to activate it.


I didn't call last night, but thought I'd call again tonight as it's been almost a week and it seemed odd that I still hadn't heard anything. 


Well, tonight the rep figured out that my order was stuck in processing.  It asked her to re-enter the billing address and credit card number.  Now why the last 5 or so reps couldn't figure that out, I have no idea.  There's nothing wrong with my credit card, and I was shipping to my billing address.  No one contacted me to say that anything was amiss. 


The rep apologized and placed the order tonight and stayed with me on the phone while I accepted the terms, but said even though I'd ordered on the 8th, the system is reading it as if I just ordered today.  So my iPhone will be delayed for 14-21 days.


She did give me a $25 credit. 


The reps have all been very nice, but the total lack of communication and flaky ordering process have not made for a very satisfied customer.  And I am a long term AT&T customer.  I totally get they have been VERY busy, but someone should have caught the processing faux pas. 


I can wait - I'm an adult, and my old iPhone works fine, but it is mighty frustrating. 


Thanks for letting me vent.  Smiley Happy



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