Unauthorized charge to bank account


Unauthorized charge to bank account

I just happened to check my bank account this morning.  I found a completely random charge from AT&T in the amout of $228.24.  I paid my bill (usually about $145/month)on about the 13th (not due until the 26th).  I checked the billing history online and it shows nothing about the $228.24 charge.  I called 611 and spoke to a customer service rep and the extent of her assistance was that she told me to visit my bank and ask them to challenge the charge...... I don't understand why they AT&T can take money out of my account without my permission, but they can't replace it.????? I have to fix the problem that they made????  I understand that mistakes happen, but I dont agree with me having to fix my service providers' mistake, shouldn't they make it right? Especially since it seems like they made the initial mistake?

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Re: Unauthorized charge to bank account

Do you have any other AT&T services?

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