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Unable to view usage details


Unable to view usage details

Has anyone else been experiencing problems viewing their account usage details? I have tried 3 different computers, 3 different browsers and 2 different internet connections and on each the page comes up completely blank. All other links work fine, but I am unable to view usage details. 


I was able to last week and it has since stopped working all together for me. Tech support was no help, they said they were unable to troubleshoot the problem.


Can anyone offer any advice?



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Re: Unable to view usage details

more than likey, the server is down for that tool.
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Re: Unable to view usage details

Unfortunately I have been having this problem for over a week. According to the tech support person that I spoke with, they were able to view the data just fine. 

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Re: Unable to view usage details

have you tried to clear your browser cache and cookies?
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Re: Unable to view usage details

i would also reccomend to try another web browser. IE9 or lower or opera or firefox or thunder bird and the such.
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Re: Unable to view usage details

i dont know if you ever got into it or not but it was actually a system issue we were aware of and has since been corrected or SHOULD be corrected by now.  if its not, go ahead and call or email in (from your online account) and let us know.  thanks!

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