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Unable to process my refill


Unable to process my refill

Have tried to add minutes using a gophone refill card for about 12 hours now.  Each time it tells me that it is unabe to process my request.  I have tried dialing 611.  Which re-directs you the number that you are prompted to dial on the back of the card.  I have also tried calling the gophone customer service line given on the website.  All with no luck.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Unable to process my refill

Have you contacted customer service and spoken with a live rep re: the issues you are experiencing with the refill system?  If not, you should be able to reach one by calling 611 (or 1-800-331-0500 from another phone), state "more options" at the first menu prompt and then "customer service" at subsequent prompts.  After a couple the system will connect you to a live representative who should be able to assist you.


The on-line system was down yesterday when I did my refill, but I was able to refill using a credit card via the 611 IVR system.

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