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Unable to e-mail technical support


Unable to e-mail technical support

I'm a service member who is currently en route to a deployment in Afghanistan. I'm currently out of the country and not really planning on using my phone to call technical support to tell them to suspend my service. At the same time I'm unable to e-mail technical support because I keep getting that my login has timed out. Is there an actual e-mail address I can use to tell someone to suspend my service until I return from my deployment. If not then I'm not sure I want to stay with a company that won't even post an e-mail address on their website.


If there is one and I've missed it thus far, well that's my bad. Also now this forum is telling me that I'm trying to flood the posts, seriously AT&T.

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Re: Unable to e-mail technical support

As far as I'm aware, there is no published email address.  There's just the web form.


Please make sure cookies are enabled on the browser you're using.  If they already are, you may want to clear cookies, reload the page, and log in again.


I was having an issue last night with not staying logged in.  I forget whether it was just a temporary glitch on the server end, or clearing all my cookies solved it (I think the latter), but I had no problems after that.


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