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Unable to contact AT&T about PUK code


Unable to contact AT&T about PUK code

I made the mistake of tinkering with the lock on my phone, and now when I turn my phone on, a demand to enter a PUV code appears. I can't make any calls, except for 911, or access anything else. I tried contacting AT&T for help, but to no avail.


The number for the gophone led me to a robot, who didn't list any options for technical support or recognize the phrase when i repeated it several times.


I tried the chat online and email options, but was repeatedly redirected to a login page. I even tried another number, and managed to reach a real person, who directed me to a non-working number.


Is there any other way I can receive a PUK code? From an actual person, and not the useless automated service?

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Re: Unable to contact AT&T about PUK code

Oh, nevermind. I managed to reach a live representative by yelling "TECHNICAL SUPPORT" at the stupid robot for five minutes. I don't know why the option isn't automatically given when you call a "support" line.

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