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Unable to call to Japan


Unable to call to Japan

Hello everyone,


I am hoping perhaps someone can help me with this dilemma...  I have not been able to place a call to Japan using my cell phone...  Before I say anything else, two things:


  1. First, I'm signed up with AT&T World connect, so I do have the capability for international call
  2. Second, when I dial, I use first the '011' to dial international, then '81' (Japan country code), then the number, which is a valid number

My cell phone is a Motorola V365...  Yes, it IS an old phone, but I have been able to dial internationally to other countries before, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and even Europe...


THIS is the oddest part:  When getting the automated response, it keeps saying, "Your call cannot be completed as dialed (rest of message follows)..."  It is not even recognizing it as an INTERNATIONAL call!


I even tried putting some 'pauses' on the number, thinking the problem might be related on how the cell dials a number compared to a land-line phone:  No such luck...


At this point I'm thinking that I would probably wait until I'm eligible to upgrade my phone, but I do not want to wait that long...


Any information or help would be very much appreciated...


Thanks for your time...

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Re: Unable to call to Japan

When dialing Japan sometimes you need to drop the zero in front of the city code for example a Tokyo number they normally start with 03 xxxx xxxx.  So to dial that number dial 011 81 3 xxxx xxxx.  You can also try using the + symbol instead of 011.  On a moto phone press and hold the zero hey until the + appears.  If you know you are dialing the number correctly and it still does not work call customer care for help 800.331.0500

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