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!USB Driver for the Pantech Ease?


!USB Driver for the Pantech Ease?

Where can I find a Viable USB Driver for the Pantech Ease?  When using the Pantech PC Suite(P2020) it won't connect at all... I figured it because it keeps asking for the usb drivers?


Please help Us all find one that works!?

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Re: !USB Driver for the Pantech Ease?

It took me three calls to support before I got someone who knew what they were doing.  But, it now works, most of the time. 


Re-load the program.  Set the connection setting on the phone to ask at startup.  Start the program. 


If this does not work for you, keep calling support until they get it to work for you. 

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Re: !USB Driver for the Pantech Ease?

They are in the Root Drive, Program Files, Pantech, Pantech PC Suite, P2020, USB Drivers directory. There is an executable there that will install them. Not documented anywhere I can find, but there they are!
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