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USB Connect 881


USB Connect 881

I just bought a USB connect 881 modem, I have an iBook Power PC G3, with 19 GB, running 10.4.11 and I have the Sierra Watcher 2.0.4 software.
I have been on the phone with AT&T for more than 2 hrs almost every other day, nobody can give me a real answer and they told me to contact Sierra or Apple besides all this frustration and no help from AT&T, saying that they don't have a Mac or Sierra support.
This is regarding about the speed of browsing and watch videos online. While the promise is: " This network has upload speeds between 500 Kbps and 800 Kbps and enhanced download speeds ranging between 600 Kbps and 1,400 Kbps" my doesn't work that way, a data customer service from AT&T asked to use to see my speed, finally that showed: Download:310 kb/s  and Upload:186 kb/s, which I think isn't even half of what was promised above, and all videos (youtube, itunes, etc) are choppy. Can someone can tell me what to do?

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Re: USB Connect 881

>>I believe your problem with the 3G network in Oklahoma City, is the network.<<

I am not so sure. 

First, I had the same speed problems using my Mac in Dallas in December.

Further, I can use the modem on a PC and get great speeds, but then put it on my Mac on the same desk and the speeds drop substantially.
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Re: USB Connect 881

Were you ever able to figure out the problem?  I got my USB 881 2 days ago and the day I got it home it did the same thing.  I plugged it into my laptop and installed all the programs and began browsing (slowly, I might add).  Then all of the sudden it disconnected and could not find the device.  I tried it in all the USB ports and on a different computer with no luck.  I then tried a USB flash drive and it worked properly in all the ports.  I even restored my computer to the day before so that I could reload everything and got nothing.
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Re: USB Connect 881


Sierra Wireless support made many suggestions but none of them seemed to work.

But do understand this:  my problem was getting superior connection speeds on my Mac laptop.  I get adequate speeds, just not speeds I get on a PC.

So I tend to think the problem I experience is Mac related.
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Re: USB Connect 881

rbaron, I signed up for this forum just to let you know, I have a macbook c2d 2ghz and I often use my USB 881 in oklahoma city, tulsa, fort smith, ar and conway, ar and i get great speeds. I normally get between 1400 and 1700 in all areas. I also have a mac mini in my travel trailer and i get similar speeds on it. it is a core solo 1.5ghz. Maybe it is because my computers are intel processor, im not sure. I also keep an old windows xp laptop in my truck and it gets similar speeds. Hope maybe this bit of information will help you in your search for an answer. Also, if you don't know, you can share your at&t connection easily through your ethernet or airport connection to other computers. Works great, i use my mac mini as a router when i am working on the road. I can use my iphone, and both laptops all off the same connection and they work great.
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Re: USB Connect 881

Thanks for your note.  At this point I am inclined to think my slow speeds are due to the fact that I have an older Mac laptop that does not have an Intel chip.  Sierra Wireless support disagrees with me, but since I will eventually upgrade to a MacBook Pro I am not going to worry about it further.  It works well enough for my needs now....not great, not as advertised, but it does work.
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Re: USB Connect 881

I have a USB881 in central California installed in a MBP with Sierrawatcher 2.04. I get consistent upload tests of 800-1200 and downloads of 1000 to 1600 using and with 3 bars showing. Strangely though, I booted into Win XP via Bootcamp, installed the windows software, and only got speed tests of about 250k both up and down.
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