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Two Separate Plans Instead of One FamilyTalk


Two Separate Plans Instead of One FamilyTalk

A couple weeks ago, my fiance and I visited a local AT&T store to have our phone accounts combined into one FamilyTalk plan. Because his phone was technically the primary number for his parents' family account, it was easier for us to just create a new number on my account, swap out his SIM card, and add it together into a FamilyTalk 700 plan. When I logged into my account today to check that everything was settled, it showed me two rate plans with one number each, instead of one FamilyTalk. One plan is my old Nation 450 with my number, and the other is the FamilyTalk 700 with his new number. I didn't think it was even possible for a FamilyTalk plan to be created on a single line.


When I view all rate plans, it says I'm still signed up for both. And when I tried to "add an existing line" to the new FamilyTalk account and move my old number into it, it sent me to the Shop page as if I was purchasing a new device (which I obviously don't need!). When I called Customer Care, I was passed around until the line went dead. And when I tried the chat service, the representative spent half an hour trying to figure out how to view my rate plans, and telling me the 450 was my family plan. I had to tell her how to navigate to the right pages, and in the end she said "Sorry for the inconvenience, I specialize in navigating through the system" and referred me back to Customer Care!


My billing cycle ends in one week, and I don't want to open it to see charges for BOTH plans. How can I resolve this?

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Re: Two Separate Plans Instead of One FamilyTalk

if you have created an online account, you can send an email from the contact us page explaining the situation.  your email will go to a dedicated email department who will be able to handle your issue.  if for some reason it bills incorrectly before you can get an email to this deparment, if you put that in your email as well, this department can fix this too. 

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