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Trying to cancel my request for home phone line


Trying to cancel my request for home phone line

I want to cancel my request for home phone however when I called the customer service # they had no records of me setting it up. I called for service on June 19 and was given a home # {Personal content removed for your safety}. The woman representative said it would be activated by June 21. It wasn't. I called June 22 to find out why and the representative, Leon, said he had no records at all for my line?? He was very rude, however I decided to start over and establish service AGAIN. He gave me the same phone # and gave me order #{Personal content removed for your safety}.
Leon was so hostile and rude that I got off the phone very unhappy. After thinking about the terrible customer service I decided to discontinue service. I called back to do so and they AGAIN had no records of my order?? Today I received a "welcome letter" from AT&T. Now I'm trying cancel service not wanting a bill. This unorganized process is ridiculous. I'm hoping this email will help me have assurance I will not get a bill for service I'm trying to cancel.
Thank you,

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Re: Trying to cancel my request for home phone line

Were you able to get this situation resolved? Please let me know so I can help if you still need assistance. 


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