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Triple payment


Triple payment

Yesterday I was going to refill my gophone account online. I tried to add $50, but got a message saying that there was a problem and my payment could not be verified. I tried once more with the same message. A bit later I tried for the third time using a different credit card and it looked OK. When I logged into my account a bit later all three payments had gone through. To day I have spent an hour trying to find a way to contact AT&T to get the two extra payments back, but all services are automated and it's impossible to reach a customer service representative. Does anybody now how to proceed? I am currently in Norway and there is no AT&T store here.



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Re: Triple payment

Hi Jan, 


Sorry to hear you were incorrectly charged. If you would please send me a private message with your name/email address, account info I will have someone contact you via email to help get this taken care of. 







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Re: Triple payment

I had very similar experience online today. First attempt = Transaction declined. Second attempt = Transaction declined. Call your bank for further information. Called my credit card bank and they provided the actual 'approval codes' for both transactions. They gave me the number to call AT & T to see what was 'going on' with these 2 transactions. I called and was disconnected, re-connected, transfered and shuffled about for 45 minutes ... back and forth at times between billing and approval depts. Finally, I reached 1 support tech (out of 8) ... her name was Holly (Rep id #1067) ... and she stayed on the phone with me through the entire resolutionn which took maybe 4 minutes. Thank you again, Holly. KUDOS ! She has assured me that the 2 online transactions will cancel each other out and I will not be billed for them. I made a 3rd payment over the phone with her ... still a bit way though. I am now waiting to see if the other 2 charges post or not on my credit card bill.

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