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Traveling to Canada


Traveling to Canada

I am traveling to Canada for five days and would like to use my iPhone for phone, texting and data purposes while I'm there.  I called ATT customer service and was advised that the best rate they can give me is $10.00 for 50 texts from Canada to US (texts from US to Canada are included in my current plan), $24.99 for 20 MB data or $59.99 for 50 MB data, and for calling it would be $4.99 for a month PLUS $.59/minute for calls from or to Canada/US.  Is this really the best they can do?  What about the Nation with Canada plan?  Would it be possible to switch to that plan just for this month and then switch back to my usual US plan next month? 


Thanks for any insight.

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Re: Traveling to Canada

Why don't you just get a Google Voice number and text using that instead while you are there? As it only uses data, you wont be charged for texts. You can download the Google Voice app for your iPhone for free. For calling you can use Google Voice in conjunction with Talkatone which works over VoIP and as backup netTalk

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