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Transference of Cellular Data


Transference of Cellular Data

I just purchased an iPad 3 after finding out that my iPad 1 could not swim lol.....fell in the pool. Anyway....I had a cellular data account with my original iPad. Now that I have a new iPad I am being asked to sign up for a cellular data account. Does the cellular data not transfer from one device to another, i.e., iPads? I have already paid for this month's cellular data on the iPad that fell in the pool. Please advise.
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Re: Transference of Cellular Data

Yes, your data account does transfer from one iPad to another. Do you still have the sim card from your old iPad? If so, and it is a micro sim, simply turn of the new iPad, place your old Sim card in and turn it back on. Once it is powered your data should be available now. If you can't use your old sim card, go to your nearest AT&T corp store and get one, either the rep can transfer your account to the new sim card, or you can call customer service when you get home and they can do it for you. Again, once you place your new sim card in the new iPad your data should now be available.
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