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Transfer photos etc from Inspire to pc


Transfer photos etc from Inspire to pc

I apologize in advance - I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I don't see any threads about it right away.. There's no mention of it in the manual, which is kinda strange. Anyway, how dyadithis - with the usb cable - not taking the sd card out?

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Re: Transfer photos etc from Inspire to pc

12Chris34- You might be surprised how much you can learn by reading manuals. On one of your many posts, I suggested downloading the 326 page Palm Centro manual, when you had questions about that. You can also download a manual on the HTC had posts & questions about that.


Concerning the Inspire- You can also download that 206 page manual, in very short order- then read:


Getting Started, about pages 21 & 22 ...Connecting your phone to a PC

Accounts & Sync- starting at page 75

More Apps- starting at about page 172


"If all else fails, read the manual(s).




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