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Transfer number


Transfer number

I have two questions about AT&T GoPhone Service.

  1. Is it possible to signup for GoPhone and use unlocked iPhone with it?
  2. Would it be possible to use my existing number and transfer it to AT&T?
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Re: Transfer number

1.  Is it possible to signup for GoPhone and use unlocked iPhone with it?


Absolutely.  I use my iPhone 3G under the prepaid Pay-as-You-Go plan.  Under 10c-min talk, 20c-message, and 100MB-month data.  I get 3G service throughout my coverage area (Washington, DC).  [All smatphones that want to use data must participate on one-of-three GoPhone data plans.]


2.  Would it be possible to use my existing number and transfer it to AT&T?


Absolutely.  I assume that you are, today, under an AT&T postpaid plan.  Activation and transfer of your old number should happen simultanously, then.


ASSUMPTION: I assume that you are postpaid, today, because the 3G UMTS Bands serviced by the iPhone (850MHz/1900MHz) are only supported by AT&T in North America, not T-Mobile, which is your other GSM alternative.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Transfer number

Thank you for your response. I don't currently have service with AT&T but I'm planning to move from T-Mobile to AT&T and I would like to transfer my number. Is it possible?

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Re: Transfer number

This explains why you have your iPhone jailbroken/unlocked.


I have only one question, then:


Is your T-Mobile account a prepaid, pay-as-you-go account?


This is important because prepaid accounts do not bear an account number (you do not need to go through credit check and get a contract signed).


And, here is the rub, carriers demand an account number on your existing number before applying the transfer.  I assume this is to avoid someone hijacking someone else's phone number.


If your T-Mobile account is postpaid then no worries; however, if your account is prepaid, I do not know what AT&T will or wont do.


Again, hope this helps.

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Re: Transfer number

If you haven't already done so, I would contact T-Mo customer service to see if they can provide you with an account number for your prepaid line of service.  I believe that's what at&t prepaid customers have to do in order to port their number to another carrier, so I presume it would work similarly coming from T:-Mo.


You can port telephone numbers that are assigned to a prepaid line of service, but it takes a little more effort than it does with post paid service.

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