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Transfer billing responsibility problems

Transfer billing responsibility problems

Hi, my gf and I opened a family plan last August (with 2 lines). Both of the two lines made a $500 deposit. I was told that I can get money back after a full year service. 


Now I'm leaving US this August. I found that I have a 2 year contract obligation for one of the lines. I was told that one option is "transfer billing responsibility" to avoid the early termination fees.


Here is Question 1:

I could find a friend who want to initiate an ATT service this August. I'd like to transfer the contract obligation to him by means of "transfer billing responbility". Can I simply give him my SIM card and ask him to change a number? What about the $500 deposit with this line? I assume he will then have title for the deposit and can receive check after this August, is that correct?


Question 2:

There is another line without contract obligation. But I can only receive the check for deposit after August (when I will not be in the US). The primary account holder is not me, the check will not have my name on it and I will not be in the US when they send the check. What should I do? Can I transfer the billing responsiblity to some line together with the deposit? Which means that person will have title for the check after this August?


I know it's complicated and I appreciate your help. 

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Re: Transfer billing responsibility problems

For Question 1,

If my friend opened a now line (and put his $500 deposit) and I transfer my billing responsibility to him, can I get my deposit back this August after a full year service? Because I assume he is using his money to guarantee the contract obligation of mine and my money should be able to release after transpiration. 

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Re: Transfer billing responsibility problems

Once your transfer billing responsibility, you should get your deposit back. the line that is out of contract, if you close that account, you will get your deposit back.
Your friend will only require a deposit if his credit is not great. If he has great credit, no deposit should be required.
Once your friend has the account, he can change the phone number but there is a charge for that.
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Re: Transfer billing responsibility problems

Many thanks for your reply. 


As for the Question 2, I was told that the name shown on the check will be the name of the primary account holder. Can I require to change the name to a friend of mine and together with the mailing address? 


I am asking because I will not be in US when the check is ready to be send. Thanks. 

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