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TouchXperience UI for Windows Mobile 6.5


TouchXperience UI for Windows Mobile 6.5

Those of you with various WinMo 6.5 devices, may wanna check out this gorgeous UI shell for winmo.

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Re: TouchXperience UI for Windows Mobile 6.5

Looks promissing, but too buggy and slow for tilt2 for now. Waiting for final release.
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Re: TouchXperience UI for Windows Mobile 6.5

Works better on an HD2 because of the faster processor.

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Re: TouchXperience UI for Windows Mobile 6.5

Tried this out on my Tilt2, with the understanding it was VERY beta, and all the caveats that would imply (like needing to hard reset as a worst case).  Figured I would post a report, for the benefit of others:


First thing:  disable TouchFLO/Sense before installing.  Otherwise, Sense conflicts with TouchXperience.  TouchXperience replaces the Start Menu.  And the conflict with Sense made the TouchXperience Start Menu non-functional,  so I couldn't find an easy way to disable Sense.  Luckily, I have a Total Commander Quicklink on my Sense Home Screen (which was still showing, not the TouchXperience home screen), and was able to launch that, take TouchXperience out of the Startup Folder of WM, and reboot the phone.  Then I disabled Sense.


First disaster averted, I was able to start the phone, and launch TouchXperience.  With Sense disabled, the TouchXperience home screen and start menu were now working.  The interface was actually pretty fluid on the Tilt2 (I think some of the eye candy may be turned off by default).  But it still needs tons of work, and lots of things are not working yet (such as weather, and other widgets).  And lots of things are just plain unintuitive.  Such as: tapping on the appointments widget does not open a calendar app or appointment info, just a popup with the option to remove the widget.


Bottom line (IMO) if the final product is basically the beta, with bugs worked out, and all widget working, TouchXperience doesn't really bring anything new to the table versus other WM UIs, such as HTC Sense or SPB Mobile Shell.  Just a different look, and an alternative.  I didn't find anything particularly innovative, just a different way of presenting some things (and not necessarily better).  And if they wanted to create something different, why copy the HTC flip-clock?


Unlike the Android Project on the Tilt2, TouchXperience is far from a usable product at this stage.  This was somewhat expected, since one article called it more "alpha" than "beta".  Really just at the stage where you can play around and see what the UI is about, rather than keep it booted into TouchXperience for any length of time.  After playing with TouchXperience for a while, I decided it was not worth keeping on the phone, and it was time to uninstall.  It SEEMED to uninstall easily.  Unfortunately, the HTC sound volume screen was now gone, replaced with the ugly old default WM one.  Searching around on XDA for a fix (I found and tried 2 different fixes) didn't solve the problem.  So I resorted to a hard reset.  Actually, I flashed the latest Energy ROM,  since setting up/customizing the phone is 98% of the work of a flashing a new ROM, anyway!


Moral of the story, unless you are just interested in checking out something new, in a really early "alpha" stage (with the very real probability of needing to hard reset); or helping as a beta tester; I would stay away from TouchXperience in its current state.


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