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Too many issues with the online account


Too many issues with the online account

For a while the website was not too hard to navigate and understand.  It always had entirely too many options to choose from.  Then they changed it, which meant users had no access during their updates.  So for our inconvenience we were given a website that was harder to navigate.  Finding links to simple things like the data and voice records was difficult.  I felt like I had to jump through hoops.  So just when I was figuring out a complicated website, with little structure, now I'm apparently going to have to so it again because, yet again, our access is denied because AT&T feels they need to update the website again.  Here's a hint AT&T...KEEP IT SIMPLE!  I don't have time to waste clicking around to do two or three things to my account.  This Site has what seems like endless options of information to click on.  I just want what pertains to my account in one spot.  All the other companies in which I pay my bills online with are simple and they make sense.  I hope this latest little lock out stunt you guys have pulled is one for the better.

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